Family Law

CHILD-CUSTODYWhen we form families, we typically hope those bonds last forever.  When instead they do not, the trauma that follows is only magnified by a confusing legal system that can be both disorienting and harsh without proper legal guidance.  In this most difficult time, you need  someone with the capacity to help you understand the unfamiliar and often unwanted territory in which you find yourself.  You want lawyers who possess both the wisdom to help you choose your battles and the tenacity to win those battles.  At Savoca Justice, LLC we seek to avoid unnecessarily exacerbating family matters but we also recognize that moments arise when a line must simply be drawn and then held.  We seek to help our clients know the difference and then prepare them for each.

What are the kinds of family law matters we specialize in?

  • Divorce.  The conclusion of a marriage presents an array of long term financial consequences.  it is important to protect yourself and your children by securing quality legal counsel who will take the time to get it right.  At Savoca Justice, LLC, we will conduct a thorough exploration of your rights and potential resolutions so you are best equipped to make informed choices in a turbulent time.
  •  Custody.    All too often, children become tools for adults who have stopped getting along to try and hurt one another.  In a custody matter, the Court is guided by an inquiry into the best interests of the child.  At Savoca Justice, LLC we have years of experience in sitting with you to develop a full understanding of your care and commitment to your child so that we can properly present your efforts at parenting under difficult circumstances to the Court.
  •  Support.  Fairly calculated financial support for a child and/or a spouse can be the difference between the ability or inability to meet fundamental financial needs in an already stressful time.  With so much potentially at stake, you need lawyers who understand the law, the financial factors at issue, and who know what questions to ask to establish the economic truth.  At Savoca Justice, LLC, we understand how important a support calculation is for everyone and we come prepared.  Again, our name is our commitment.