Family Law FAQs

Q.    How soon do I need a lawyer during a divorce?

A.    As soon as possible.  Early decisions about living arrangements and finances can have negative consequences for the reminder of the case and sometimes the rest of your life.  You want to find out your rights and obligations as soon as possible by calling experienced family law attorneys at Savoca Justice, LLC.

Q.    What does it cost to hire Savoca Justice, LLC for a family law matter?

A.    This work is done on an hourly basis at a rate set by our attorneys based on the specifics of each case. Before we can make that decision about your case, we need to sit down with you and learn a great deal about you and the specifics of your case.  We perform that initial consultation at a flat fee no matter how long the meeting takes.  Please call Savoca Justice, LLC, for details and to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

Q.    How old does a child have to be before he or she gets to decide which parent they want to live with in a custody case?

A.    Despite what you may have heard, there is no set answer to this question.  The older a child is, generally the more weight a judge may give the child’s preference.  Of course, the maturity of the child and the child’s ability to explain his or her desires is much more important than the age of the child alone.  Put another way, a younger child who has healthy and clear reasons for wanting to live with a parent may be more persuasive to a judge than an older child who prefers a parent simply because that parent has “cool stuff” or “less rules.”  To better understand this issue and all of the issues about evidence that can arise in a custody case, call the experienced custody attorneys at Savoca Justice, LLC.

Q.    I am suing for or have been sued for child and or spousal support.  How do I learn what the likely outcome is?

A.    Part of our representation in a support matter is to run a preliminary calculation to give you an idea of what to expect.  We need certain financial information to run that calculation and our calculation is only as good as the amount and quality of the data we have available.  To learn more about possible support calculations and the factors courts do and do not consider, please call Savoca Justice, LLC, to schedule a consultation to talk with our experienced family law attorneys.

Q.    Can I get a fault or no fault divorce?

A.    Both Maryland and Pennsylvania permit either fault based or no fault divorce.  To better understand the differences and your options, please call the attorneys at Savoca Justice, LLC, and schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys.

Q.    What is a “legal separation” and how is it different from a divorce?

A.    This is a confusing term for many but there is no such thing as a “legal separation” in either Maryland or Pennsylvania.  That said, the timing of your separation and the choices each party makes in how they separate and conduct their affairs afterward can have significant legal consequences.  To learn more, call Savoca Justice, LLC, and schedule a consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys.