Serving the Community

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our community safe, we use this space to share safety tips and ideas from trusted sources with you.

As we enjoy all that winter promises, we encourage you to stay safe by considering these Winter Safety Tips:

  1. Be aware of hydration.   Keep the body replenished with fluids to prevent dehydration. Drink liquids such as warm broth or juice.  The Red Cross suggests that you avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine, a stimulant, accelerates the symptoms of hypothermia. Alcohol, such as brandy, is a depressant and hastens the effects of cold on the body. Alcohol also slows circulation and can make you less aware of the effects of cold. Both caffeine and alcohol can contribute to  dehydration
  2. Conserve energy.  Winter storms can last for several days, placing significant demand on electric, gas, and other fuel systems  such as fuel oil or propane,  The Red Cross suggests that you lower the thermostat to 65° F (18° C) during the day and to 55° F (13° C) at night. Also consider closing off unused rooms and stuffing towels or rags in cracks under doors as well as covering the windows at night.
  3. Have a plan for getting stranded. Stay in the vehicle and wait for help. Do not leave the vehicle to search for assistance unless help is visible within 100 yards. You can quickly become disoriented and confused in blowing snow. Display a trouble sign to indicate you need help. Hang a brightly colored cloth (preferably red) on the radio antenna and raise the hood after snow stops falling.                                                        Enjoy all that this season has to offer and consider these tips to keep everyone safe for years to come!