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Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and serving clients all over Pennsylvania and Maryland, the law firm of Savoca Justice, LLC specializes in personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents, premises liability injuries, product defect claims, medical malpractice events and wrongful death as well as complex family law matters including divorce, custody and support.  We recognize that, in these kinds of cases, you never wanted these things to happen or to be in the position to need a lawyer.  But now that you do, you deserve an empathetic ear, a knowledgeable guide through the often confusing legal system, and someone who will ultimately tell it to you straight.  When it matters most, you want Savoca Justice, LLC.  With over 40 years of combined experience, Attorneys Savoca and Justice share a commitment to both powerful courtroom advocacy and practical problem solving.

We use a team oriented approach to efficiently and effectively meet your legal needs with focused attention.  Meet our team here and then in our office:

Joseph E. Savoca, Esquire  – Founder and Managing Partner

IMG_9027hbwJoseph E. Savoca is a life-long Lancaster County resident, admitted to the bar of the Supreme  Court of Pennsylvania in 1989 upon graduating from the Dickinson School of Law, now Penn State-Dickinson School of Law, after receiving his Juris Doctorate degree the same year. Prior to partnering with Randall M. Justice, Esquire, Attorney Savoca was partnered with James S. Sorrentino, Esquire, in the law firm of Sorrentino & Savoca, which successfully represented Lancaster Countians at both the State and Federal levels from 1999 until 2015.

During his tenure of practice, he has devoted the majority of his time to representing persons in need of legal assistance in the areas of general litigation with an emphasis on personal injury and family law. He has also worked in areas of real estate development and contract litigation as well as general estate planning. As a result of over a quarter century of practice, he has acquired an extensive knowledge and understanding of both the people and the Courts of Lancaster County, as well as its outlying regions, a knowledge largely unknown to lawyers from Philadelphia or even Harrisburg. Upon completion of law school, when contemplating where he wished to practice, Attorney Savoca felt strongly that his heart was with his family, friends, and community, where it remains to this day.

Attorney Savoca has also been representing clients in personal injury actions since the beginning of his career in 1989. During those years, he has almost exclusively represented Plaintiffs seeking damages for serious injuries, but, on occasion, has worked on the defense side for private individuals and companies who have been sued for damages. He does not represent insurance companies defending cases against legitimate Plaintiffs. He believes most strongly in a Plaintiff’s right to recover damages for injuries, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred through the negligence of another. Attorney Savoca has worked on and resolved  cases worth millions of dollars over the course of his career and takes great pride in valuing cases honestly and objectively while nurturing a transparent relationship with his clients, who have, on many occasions, turned into lifelong friends.

Attorney Savoca has been practicing family law since 1989, as well. During that time he has successfully represented husbands and wives, as well as mothers and fathers, in domestic litigation where a viable solution and preservation of assets and family comes first, but with the looming possibility of aggressive but efficient litigation, poised as the elephant in the room to be released when and if necessary. Attorney Savoca has tried and resolved complex matters of divorce, support, and child custody routinely and effectively. As in his personal injury practice, he believes strongly in educating clients on the probability and outcome that may be expected in their case to the greatest extent possible.

With years of practice and hundreds of clients comes experience not written in books, but learned through interaction with people and the courts. This enables us to educate our clients as to what their case involves and what they may expect along the way. At Savoca Justice, LLC, we do not instill unreasonable expectations to generate a fee. Instead, we act as your tour guide through the court system, telling you what lies ahead.

Prior to attending the Dickinson School of Law, Attorney Savoca grew up in Lititz, Pennsylvania, graduating from Warwick High School and, thereafter, attending Washington & Jefferson College. While at Dickinson, Attorney Savoca was selected to the Appellate Moot Court Board for excellence in advocacy and legal writing. He was also a member of the Corpus Juris Society.

On a personal note, Attorney Savoca lives in the Lampeter area with his wife, Debra, an educator employed by the Lampeter-Strasburg School District, and his two daughters. When not practicing law, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and has, in the past, served on the Board of Directors of the S. June Smith Foundation assisting in the education of special needs children. He is a certified recreational scuba diver who enjoys spending time in the water with his oldest daughter, with his youngest soon to follow.

Attorney Savoca is quite clear about what he enjoys most about practicing law, “When you receive that heartfelt thanks from a client, or that Christmas card with a personal note, it makes it worthwhile; it’s knowing that you really did make a difference.”

Attorney Savoca has argued cases before the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Courts and has also appeared and represented clients in the United States Federal Court of the Eastern and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania and continues to welcome new clients in need of legal assistance.


  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court
  • U.S. District Court of Eastern Pennsylvania
  • U.S. District Court of Middle District of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Lancaster County Bar Association

Jennifer Kramer

IMG_9130bwJennifer combines her vast legal experience as a paralegal over the past 17 years with Attorney Savoca with a friendly attitude that genuinely seeks to help.  She is often the first person you will encounter at our office and she always attempts to put you at ease.  We try to remember that your visit to our office is usually set in motion because something has gone wrong.  Jennifer is a part of our team that starts, bit by bit, to try and make it right again.  Jennifer assists our attorneys in all aspects of their work on your behalf, performing tasks as varied as preparing trial exhibits, revising important legal documents and attending medical examinations performed by a doctor hired by the Defendant’s insurance company.