Personal Injury

injuryIt wasn’t an “accident.” They probably did not hurt you on purpose but you were injured because someone made the decision not to follow the safety rules for our community.  When that happens, the company or person who broke the rules must be held accountable.  At Savoca Justice, LLC we believe that doing so encourages those in our community to follow the safety rules and shows those who do not do so that there are serious consequences.  In this way, we believe our work ultimately makes us all safer.    Holding someone accountable who broke the safety rules does not just mean proving they are liable or at fault.  It also means recovering damages on your behalf that the law says you are entitled to as compensation for your harms and losses.  Money can never fully make up for an injury or for the moments you missed, the sleepless nights, the stack of bills, the countless doctor’s appointments, and those nagging questions about what your “new normal” is going to be like.  At Savoca Justice, LLC, we are committed to hearing your story, not just what the medical records say but also what your injury means in the context of your overall life.  In that way, we work hard to identify the full scope of your harms and losses to try and help you recover what you are legally entitled to as a result of the negligence of another.  Each personal injury case begins with a free consultation where we spend time with you to understand what safety rules were broken and how you are being affected as a result.  We will review the insurances coverages that may apply to your claim and help you understand your options and present a plan to protect your rights based on what happened to you.  These injuries are called “personal” for a reason.

What kinds of personal injury cases do we specialize in?

  • Auto “Accidents.”  When you get behind the wheel in our community, you agree to share the road with the rest of us as safely as possible  The failure to do so can have tragic consequences, both physical and emotional, for a lifetime. We want to make our roads safer for our loved ones and yours and so we pursue cases against drivers who have demonstrated a disregard for safety on the roadways in our community.
  •  Premises Liability.  When someone invites or entices you on to their property, especially with the hope of making a profit from you, the law requires them to inspect the property and make it safe for you.  When those in control of the property do not follow this fundamental safety rule, tragedy can follow.  Then, when they have failed to take care of a dangerous condition, like ice or a tripping hazard, they often try to make it your fault for not avoiding the danger on their property.  At Savoca Justice, LLC, we insist that those in our community who benefit from having us on their property do what they must to keep us safe while we are there.medicine-91754_640
  • Products Liability.  When you purchase something, you have every right to expect it to work, not only well but safely.  When companies create and sell dangerous and defective products in our community, we hold them responsible for the harms they cause.  We want to send the message that there are no shortcuts to safety here.
  • Medical Malpractice.  At some point, most of us wind up in the hands of someone in scrubs or a white coat who is responsible for our well-being while we are at our most vulnerable.  Most of the time, medical professionals follow the safety rules. When they don’t, however, and instead break the rules regarding diagnosis or treatment, our very lives can hang in the balance.  At Savoca Justice, LLC, we hope to speak for all of you in insisting on professional level care and demanding an explanation and accountability when someone in our community provides something less.
  • Nursing Home Negligence.  Aging is an unavoidable event.  Many of us have faced the heart wrenching decision to place a loved one in the care of others.  When we must take this step, we often select a facility based on all the things they promise about how they will keep our family member safe and happy.  When the nursing home or other facility fails to follow the rules to do so, the golden years of our loved one may be tragically shortened or forever marred.  At Savoca Justice, LLC we demand better and we go after those who over-promise and under-perform when caring for our loved one.
  • Wrongful Death.  As we often tell our children, a bad decision can have permanent consequences.  All too often, the failure of someone to follow the safety rules can produce the cruelest of outcomes, the death of someone in our community.  Such tragedies affect us all and leave a wake of true pain and suffering.  We hope never to meet you under these circumstances. However, we also think there are no more important situations than this: to hold someone accountable who has deprived us of someone by violating the safety rules and in so doing, injured our entire community.
If you have been hurt because someone broke the safety rules of our community, we want to hold them accountable and send a clear message that here, where we all live and work, safety matters.  This is part of how our name is our commitment to all of you.