Serving the Community

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our community safe, we use this space to share safety tips and ideas with you.

As we celebrate the arrival of Spring and engage in spring cleaning, we encourage you to stay safe by considering these Safety Tips for Your Home:

  1. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and evaluate their locations.  Replace your batteries!  These safety devises can now be interconnected wirelessly so that an alarm from any of them sets off multiple detectors alerts everyone.  There should be a detector in each bedroom and common area on every floor of a home.  Placement at least 10 feet from a stove helps avoid false alarms.  Detectors are best placed 12 inches or less from the ceiling and away from windows, ducts or doors to function optimally.
  2. Check the vents on gas appliances.  Make sure they are free from any accumulated blockage or debris which can create hazardous conditions if unaddressed.
  3. Update first aid kits and family emergency plans.  This is also an excellent time to review and get rid of expired medications through a return event or an approved drop off location.                                                                                     Enjoy all that Spring has to offer and consider these tips to make your home a safe place so we can enjoy years to come together!